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Hair growth system

A normal and healthy hair growth system is largely dependant on the structure and functions of hair fiber. Hair fiber is a much more complicated and significant structure than it appears to be and it is a part of an equally complex hair growth system. It is also the only portion of the body that is completely renewable without scarring. Other than its flexibility, hair fiber and hair follicles transmit sensory information and their growth also help in gender differentiation.

These are some of the practical functionalities of the hair growth system which are generally over looked. People are generally concerned either with the rate of hair growth or with the condition of the overall hair fibers; as these factors help to enhance the appearance of the individual.

And it is for the same reason that there is a growing popularity of hair care products. Using these hair care products is not enough. If you want to make your hair healthy and bouncing, the best hair care strategy is to use natural hair care products along with the intake of natural nutritious supplements and natural herbal supplements.

Natural supplements are beneficial for hair, but in order to heal already damaged hair you need to identify the particular deficiency and then take steps to promote healthy hair re-growth. The hair deficiency can either be in the hair shaft, the hair follicle structure or in some other part of hair growth system of cycling. You may need to examine all parts to determine a hair growth problem for which it may be best to visit a dermatologist.

The hair shaft or fiber is the portion of the hair that projects out of the skin of the scalp. Healthy hair shafts enhance the volume, color and shine of the hair. So the first step to promote healthy hair shaft growth is to be knowledgeable about the structure and the functions of each shaft parts and verify the same with the conditions of the fiber or shaft.

Around and beneath the hair shaft in the skin the hair follicle sits and controls the growth of the hair fiber. Hair follicles are surrounded by an intricate network of blood vessels which supply the required nutrients and oxygen to the hair follicle. The extended mechanism that is going on beneath the hair follicles is responsible for the hair growth from deep inside the skin. So in order to identify any problem of hair growth, it is necessary to study the mechanism and structure of the hair follicles.

Another factor that affects the hair growth system of an individual is the cyclical process of hair re-growth. The malfunctioning of the hair growth cycles can lead to sudden appearance of bald patches or even hair thinning in women. These hair growth cycles also determine the length of hair of an individual.

Apart from the affected hair shaft or follicle there are other factors like genetics that can cause hair loss at an alarming rate. To promote healthy hair growth it is first necessary to diagnose the portion of hair that is being affected and then to find out the underlying cause associated with it.

Read through the information in the web pages and be informed about the cause of your hair loss.

The hair structure and functions are divided into following parts:

Hair shaft

An brief overview on the hair shaft structure

Hair Follicle Structure

An introduction to the follicular structure of hair.

Hair growth cycles

An detailed account on the cyclical process of hair growth.

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