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Variations in Hair Growth & Hair Types

There are several variations in the hair growth pattern of people all over the world. There can also be differences in the normal hair growth rate due to various climatic conditions.

In spite of all the differences and variations; beautiful hair has much significance for the human race both in the context of society and the self esteem.

Beautiful hair enhances your appearance which plays a major role in creating your image, personality and confidence. Good looks or image to a great extent help in paving the way for success in most spheres of life.

It is quite natural for us to be sensitive as far as the beauty and health of our hair growth is concerned, no matter to what ever is the pattern of our hair types.

The hair of every individual is different from that of the other. While the racial differences in the facial features are quite apparent, differences like texture of the hair require a detailed observation to identify.

Apart from racial hair growth differences, seasonal changes also play a major role in the rate of hair growth.

Climatic conditions in all the countries around the world are different. In the equatorial region there is maximum daylight year round which has a significant effect on hair growth patterns. Effects of seasonal variations in hair loss are temporary and the hair easily grows back after a period of time. But there are factors like genetics which have a severe effect on hair growth rate.

Hair loss of any type in any ethnic group is a sensitive issue and needs attention and care. Some hair losses are temporary in nature and part of the natural cyclical process. But disastrous hair loss is sure to be a cause of concern and needs to be prevented by knowing the proper cause of hair loss.

Though a slowed down hair growth needs attention there is no need to be anxious about it. For almost every hair loss there is a hair growth solution and for every hair types there are well-formulated hair care products. The actual solution lies in being informed about probable cause and finding the right solution. For some it could be stress that is affecting the hair growth, for some it could be nutrition.

Read through the pages and find out what hair growth products you should use to suit your various hair types.

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