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Hair Loss Causes

The common hair loss causes are several like stress, infectious diseases, lack of nutritional supplements, use of harmful synthetic hair care products and so on. Physicians around the world are taking a closer look at hair loss causes and thinning and prescribing the hair loss treatments and medications that are more successful in treating the respective hair problems. But not every type of hair loss is subject to treatment as the normal shedding of hair is necessary for the cyclical process of hair re-growth.

Normal hair shedding can be divided under two broad categories. One of the normal hair shedding procedures involves randomly loosing some hair after reaching the telogen phase of the hair growth cycles. According to researchers it is absolutely normal to shed about 100 hairs each day.

The other normal cause of more hair shedding is an increase in age. It is quite normal to loose more and more hair with increasing age, but when some men and women start loosing hair at an early age it is a sure sign of concern. The cause of such premature hair loss is attributed to pattern baldness or Androgenetic Alopecia.

In general, men are more prone to pattern baldness when compared to women. But women are also at risk of developing hair loss. Though the pattern baldness or Androgenetic hair loss is more evident in men due to more hair loss in frontal hair line, women are prone to pattern hair loss that is manifested by thinning all over the scalp. Though the numbers of men and women suffering from pattern hair loss is different, the mechanism of premature hair loss or pattern baldness is similar.

The main reason of premature hair loss both in men as well as women is genetics, while for women, hormonal imbalance is the major cause for hair loss during pregnancy and menopause.

Apart from genetics and hormonal imbalance, the other common reasons of premature hair loss in both the genders are medications, sudden illness, therapies or major surgeries.

Whatever the reasons may be, if you notice a major negative change in the shedding of the hair then see a doctor. But beware of a number of quacks who try to make money playing with the emotions of hapless sufferers, try to consult a trusted dermatologist.

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