Hottest tips on celebrity hair styling

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Celebrity hair styling

Here is an opportunity to gain inside information on the hottest celebrity hair styling that can be equally practiced by both men and women.

Celebrity hair styling is a good combination of style and health; they are equally balanced in the health of the hair and a stylish outlook.

Given below are some great trendsetting, celebrity hair styling tips practiced by famous Hollywood beauties.

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie is one of the famous Hollywood actresses who is known for her voluminous hair. If you want to follow the same hair styling as that of Angelina Jolie then follow the steps:

  • Trim your hair into long layers. The hair will look voluminous and also the weight will be reduced.

  • Wash and condition your hair with a nutritious shampoo.

  • Dry the hair with a towel. Apply hard holding gel or glaze at the hair follicles or root area.

  • Dry your hair with the help of the electronic dryer. Keep moving your dryer on both the directions or anyway you feel will add volume to your hair.

  • Divide your hair into 6-7 sections. Curl them with a large curling iron. It will create waves in your hair.

  • Separate the curly hair waves with your fingers.

  • In order to avoid a fine texture to your hair, apply hair crème or pomade.

  • Take a small amount of crème in your hand and rub the pomade dipped hands together . Then run your fingers across the hair many times. This will separate the hairs from one anotherand the cream will add volume.

  • The curls that fall in front of your face take them back by using a hair brush.

  • Use a little pomade on the front curls to keep it back along with the rest of the hair.

  • You can apply hair spray which will enhance control over your hair.

  • Angelina Jolie prefers a dark chocolate tinge to the hair. This approach is typical of woman hair styles and not only adds glow to the face but also highlights the curls.

    Man hairstyles

    Just as there are many woman hairstyles, there are several interesting man hairstyles too. According to the fashion and beauty experts male Hollywood stars are more inclined towards longer hair. They are trying to move away from the stereotype short hair of the 90s. Now the preferred length of hair of the current Hollywood stars is down to the tops of the shoulders.

    Though the trendy man hair styles have increased in its length to about 4-6 inches more but they still prefer waves and curls on their hair. The spike and crazy man hair style is worn over and the Hollywood stars are opting for more controlled and fresh look.

    The male Hollywood celebrities like Brad Pitt and Matt Damon usually prefer light colored hair. Brad Pitt opts for different hues of brown color. The popular man hair styles in Hollywood are more inclined towards hair color that goes well with their skin tone.

    In both man and woman hair styles, celebrity hair styling plays an important role and is setting the trend for the years to come.

    Some people have a misconception that while imitating the hair styling tips of the celebrities, they may have to expose their hair to potentially harmful chemically formulated styling products, but it is not so.

    Even the celebrities are becoming more and more aware of the use of natural hair growth products and using them more often.

    So follow this tip to use all the natural ingredients like olive oil, organic beeswax, mango butter, babassu oil, jojoba, wheat germ oil, essential oils of bay laurel, cedar atlas, fir balsam and massoia and Vitamin A, C & E to take care of your hair naturally.

    Good hair is ideal for any hair style, be it celebrity hair styling or any ordinary everyday man or woman hair styles.

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