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Long hair styling

No matter what age group we belong to, the beauty of a woman is judged by her beautiful long hair. People have a misconception that long hair is unmanageable and troublesome in a hectic schedule. They also think that long hair care needs much more time and more effort on their part to look good. But it is not so, you donít need any special care for long hair. Of course you can have your hair styled in best of the long hair styles with minimal effort.

These easy to make woman hair styles are simple in their procedure and can be completed by you within a few minutes of time. Also, this long hair styling procedure doesnít require any helping hand. If you donít have enough hair length for long hair, this hair styling in medium length hair looks equally good.

Multiple ponytails

Multiple ponytails are a popular woman hair style where each of the ponytails contains a bunch of hair. The advantageous point of these woman hair styles is they donít make a mess of your hair, but makes it look beautiful. In addition, it prevents the formation of knots which makes the hair more manageable.

This long hair styling is easily done on the hair which is washed a day or two ago as the body of the hair just after wash is slippery and extra- smooth. This extra-smoothness of hair prevents the elastic bands to get a firm hold on the hair. It worsens the more if you try to braid every ponytail.

Before you begin with the hair styling you need to keep a few accessories near you like:
  • A wide tooth comb.

  • Soft elastic bands or hair bungee

  • Hair wax or grease to smoothen the hair strands.

  • Hair spray or shine products (optional)

  • Other hair accessories like clips etc. for decoration (optional)
There are several hair styling products available in the market which can equally keep your hair healthy. The hair styling products contain ingredients like synthetic polymers and dimethicones which are useful and donít have any adverse effects on hair fiber.

  • Comb the hair gently and remove all the knots slowly by hand. Continue combing until the hair is smooth enough and absolutely knot-free.

  • Gather all the hair starting from the side of your one ear to the other ear including the hair on the crown of your scalp.

  • Divide the hair into three proportionate sections. Tie an elastic band to each of the sections.

  • All the hair of your head will not be tied into those three pony tails. Let the hair that grows from the middle of your ears hang down around your neck.
Multiple ponytail decoration

If you want to enhance your multiple ponytails with additional hair styling you can try these hair styling tips:
  • If your hair is voluminous enough then you can tie five different ponytails by dividing your hair into small sections.

  • You can also curl a part of your hair that is tied in each of the pony tails. It will enhance your look.

  • For curling you can use advanced rollers particularly those which indicate when they are heated up completely. these modern rollers apart from enhancing women hair styles prevent the hair from becoming rigid and brittle.
You have innumerable numbers of Women hair styles to choose from, but picking up any hair style can be risky. The best way to choose a hair style is to first try it out by virtual hair styling

But if you are happy with the way and length of your hair then the list of long hair styling is endless. But be careful while choosing from the list of women hair styles While choosing give special emphasis on your hair type, hair color and time required for the hair do.

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