Some general tips on styling medium hair

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Tips on styling medium hair

The most easy and quick hair styling is accomplished with medium length hair. Medium hair length is the most dominant and safe for hair styling when compared to the several other hair lengths.

Longer hair lengths can be troublesome and unmanageable while shorter lengths may not fit different hair styles. But medium hair length is just right for most women hair styles.

Among the popular medium length hair styles, the best woman hair style are French braids. They are quite similar to normal braids, but with a slight difference.

Also the French braids help you to take better care of the hair when compared to normal braids. In normal braids the hair is intertwined tightly which causes damage to the hair follicles. If the hair doesn’t have enough elasticity then it is better not to tie tight braids, ponytails or buns. In a French braid the hair is braided loosely in order to give a soft appeal to the countenance.

Though French braids are generally used for styling medium hair, they also works well for long hair styling.

Procedure of French Braiding:
  • Take up a section of hair from the crown. Hold it in one hand

  • Take another small portion of hair from beyond your ear.

  • Intertwine these two small sections of hair only once.

  • Bring another portion of hair from the other end of your ear.

  • Braid this small section with the already iner twined sections of hair.

  • Then gather the hair again from both the sides of your ears.

  • Braid the newly gathered hair parts to the already braided hair.

  • Continue gathering hair form both the left and right side and assimilate it with the centrally braided hair.
After you gradually braid your hair by taking the hair from both the left and right direction you will reach to the neck. As you reach the neck you can take all the hair and braid it like a normal plait.

The other option for this woman hair style is to complete the normal braiding starting from the neck and then insert the normal braiding part inside your hair with hairpins.

This easy women hair styles or braids can be decorated by tucking jeweled hair pins, beads or other hair accessories.

Long Ponytail made short

Here are some more tips on styling medium hair. This common woman hair style will shorten the long ponytail and give an elegant look to your personality.


  • Tie a ponytail after accumulating all the hair from different sides.

  • Put a transparent hair net at the end of the ponytail

  • Pull the hair net upwards and make the length of the hair one third when compared to its normal length.

  • Spread the folded hair a bit.

  • The end of your ponytail is bought up. Hold the end hair temporarily in the front with a clip.

  • Wrap this hair into the elastic band of your ponytail. It will give a look as if the hair itself is holding its own self.

  • Tie the ending hair in the back with the help of hair pins

  • To enhance this women hair style you can put a big bonnet or other hair accessory on the side.
These tips on styling medium hair are easy to work with. At the same time the styling procedures do not require the application of synthetic gels which are sometime harmful for hair.

Here is another important tip for you to follow while choosing hair styles. It is always better to use simple women hair styles that give classic feminine look and does not hamper the texture or health of your hair.

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